Friday, December 24, 2010

From a Yuletide Dream

I awoke with this falderall swimming though my mind a couple of weeks back. I had to get it down on paper to get it out of my head. “He’s a strange one”, but sometimes we’re minions of the muse. I hope that you find some little morsel of enjoyment in it.


What startles me awake on this cold winter’s night;

Is it a noise that I hear that fills me with fright?

The din comes from the front; the sounds from the road,

Wagons and sleighs, trucks and cars from all ages pass my abode.

Where do they all go now, this caravan so large?

Son, hop on board; we’re heading to La Farge.

How can I go sir; it’s so very cold and chilly.

There’s straw on the wagon, horsehide throws in the sleigh,

The heater works fine in the Roadmaster; climb in son, don’t be silly.

Clip-clopping down the snowcovered road, pulled by Topsy and Mae,

Bundled in the back seat of the Chevy; the day we will stay.

The Yuletide is upon us, festivities and shopping to do,

So on to La Farge this Saturday, to spend the day through.

The village streets are filled with people; my, what a sight.

Garlands of fir boughs hang from the lights.

Brightly decorated stores are packed to the rafters with goods and wares

Front windows filled with wonders; mouths agape as we stare.

Andrew’s window has sausages, ducks, geese and ham.

But wait – Isn’t that Jennie’s store; puzzled where I am?

She had Variety; amazing puzzles and toys,

Then wasn’t Muriel’s here, too, with gifts for little girls and boys?

Quick up to the Opera House; they’re lighting the candles on the village tree,

As we race up the dark stairs and into the great hall, shouting with glee.

There will be fresh oyster stew and crackers across at the Hotel Ward,

And cracklin’ roast goose and dressing for all at Harris’ Checkerboard.

They’re giving out treats at the theater lobby, over at the Mars,

Santa is there, giving out goodies like apples, peanuts and candy bars.

But He’s in the back of the village truck, there by the bank

Mush brought Santa in the police car, isn’t that Ray or Dick; surely not Hank.

La Farge’s ice rink is frozen; let’s join hands to “crack the whip”,

We can warm by the wood fire; hot chocolate to sip.

Hike up the river; bind blades to our shoes,

There’s always best skating on those Seelyburg sloughs.

There are candies aplenty at Weisner’s, but Harry’s has them, too.

Pete Chase, Casey, Everett, Bun or Lillian; they’ll find us a gift or two.

Let us get sacks of oranges and apples from the groceries in town,

The store clerks are always helpful and smiling; with nary a frown.

The light is now gone; for home I must start,

But from these time-sliding memories, I surely do hate to part.

What’s the matter son; don’t you know where you’re at?

Please mister, please, can you give me a ride out to Jordan Flat?

Mom, my legs do hurt so; why can’t I walk?

Your brothers will carry you; hush now, no more talk.

What startled me awake on this cold winter’s night;

Was it a noise that I heard that filled me with fright?

Merry Christmas to all

May you all make it home for the holidays!

The response to the release of my first book on the story of La Farge continues to amaze me. People from all over the country have contacted me via emails, phone calls, or regular mail. It is so heart-warming to hear from you all. Thanks for your interest in this little history project.

Unfortunately, by the time you read this, we will have sold out of the first printing of three hundred copies. I have another order in to the printers for a couple hundred more, but they will not be here until after the first of the year. When they do arrive, we will have them available locally at the regular retail outlets and the area libraries. If you wish to order a book by mail, send $25 per copy to me at PO Box 202, La Farge, WI 54639.

See you next year!

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