Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dam Book Finished!!

THAT DAM HISTORY!: The Story of The La Farge Dam Project has been written. At this time, Chuck Hatfield, good friend and co-publisher, is working at imbedding the photographs, maps and newspaper headlines into the text and getting the first draft ready for the printer. It now appears that the book will be a little over two hundred pages long. The book is dedicated to Bernice Schroeder, who provided me with an amazing amount of information for my research on the project. Marcy West, Executive Director of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, has written a foreword for the book.
If we can keep on our publishing and printing schedule, the book will be released at a program to be held at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve's Visitor Center on Friday evening, December 2. The book will be available for sale and signing that night and there will be a short program with readings by the author. More specific information will be coming along later.