Saturday, September 25, 2010

La Farge History - Part I

It has been a while since I've posted any update of my history-writing efforts on this blog. Since I have last talked to those of you who may frequent this post, some major decisions have been made and substantial progress moved on the book.
First of all, the book on the history of La Farge is still scheduled to come out in early December. I had wanted to have the book out by the 4th of July of this year, so I'm only six months late. I want to have it for sale at that time and to sell it at the Small Town Christmas in La Farge on Saturday, December 4. I would like to have a table at the Crafts Fair at the gymnasium that day and perhaps another book signing at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve early in that evening. More will be forthcoming on those events.
Secondly, the history is now definitely a two-parter. This first book - Part I - will cover the history of La Farge from its beginnings up through the early 1960's. I stop at that point in time because that is when the La Farge Dam Project is finally authorized by Congress. After that time, the dam project takes on a whole life of its own and is another book in itself. To do any justice to that story and how it affected the village, I need to put it another book. With the self-imposed deadline for getting a book out this year, I did not feel I could do the village and dam history from the 1960's and on any justice. So, Part II will be coming out later.
Lastly, I'm really getting some excellent help in finishing up the book. Carolyn has been helping with editing since summer. Chuck Hatfield is helping me with the self-publishing (We are calling ourselves Kickapoogians Press.) and has helped me with ISBN numbers and copyrights. He is currently in contact with printers, lining up quotes for that procedure. Paula Howard (nee Muller) has come aboard to help with final editing, which has really been a God-send for the project.
I am finishing up the research and writing on the last chapter, which I hope to have done by the next couple of weeks. Then Chuck and I will start putting the whole thing together to send off to the printers. Wish us luck!